The Princess Bride

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The very actions of writing and submitting this essay point to the same soon-to-be reality: I will be leaving my environment. Needless to say, I do not own this environment, not the breathtaking sunsets of my home state, Iowa, nor the Christian standards to embody. It is not mine, but it was the primary factor in the formulation of my identity. Every aspect of my environment, from its physical location to my role models in school, has shaped me as a person. But like most other college applicants, soon I will be leaving my safe, comfortable fort of an environment. That includes my big family, my tiny neighborhood, and all the people in my life that create the ever-changing aspect of my realm of reality. The world outside my environment is tough…show more content…
It’s just so much more enjoyable to live one’s life as a comedy (especially if it’s The Princess Bride). “From there to here and here to there, funny things are everywhere.” (Dr. Suess) And whether I’m here or there, in my environment or out, I prefer seeking out and putting the humor of the world to good use and hitting the jackpot on laughter and joy, to simply maintaining a neutral, poker-face throughout life, always failing to get a Royal…show more content…
The facts say I am an athlete and a musician. I personally would rather crack a joke about being a short basketball player, or experiencing the best of both worlds as a dumb jock and a band geek. Learning to laugh at myself has been one of the biggest character developments in my novel of a life. Sometimes though, my wisecracks are a bit of a gamble. Case in point: this essay. But it’s who I am; it’s part of the person I’ve been shaped into, whether that person is perceived a square or a diamond. My environment is unique to me, and as a result, so is my humor. Sometimes it’s my worst liability, and sometimes it’s my biggest asset. But it’s always me. Unabashedly, unapologetically, and uniquely me, myself, and

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