Summary Of William Goldman's The Princess Bride

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The book starts with William Goldman, the author, telling the story of his life around the book as telling his intentions on making The Princess Bride the "good parts" version. The Princess Bride is William Goldman 's favorite book but he never read it, he didn 't read books, he always failed his reading tests because he was thinking about sports players, all he did was sports, he wouldn 't miss a single game. He was bad at school, school was a torture for him, but like he said "give me a football and an empty play ground and I could invent last-second triumphs that would bring tears to your eyes". His mother would have meetings after meetings with Miss Roginski, his teacher from third through fifth grade. One day, when he was sick, his father…show more content…
But Westley and Buttercup did, the got through the fire swamp. Westley confessed her that he is the Dread Pirate Roberts, when his ship was attacked he asked please to not kill him, that he needed to live for true love and the then Dread Pirate Roberts took him as a sailor, the became friends and gave him the command and told him that the real Roberts has been retired for 15 years. The Prince was on there on the end of the Fire Swamp and Buttercup went with the prince in order to save Westley but she didn 't know the Prince was going to put Westley on the fifth level of the Zoo of Death.
The princess regretted her abandonment to Westley so she told the prince at what he told her to send 4 copies of a letter to him, when Buttercup found out that he didn 't send them she called him coward and the Prince got very mad and killed Westley with The Machine. Inigo and Fizzik were looking for the man in black and when they found him he was dead so they took him to the Miracle Max so he could revive Westley so he could plan how to kill the six fingered man who was the

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