The Princess Bride Theme Essay

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Question 3: Analysis & Application: What is the MAIN theme of each story? Prove the importance of these themes with examples from the novels. Where do you see these themes occurring in self, society, OR history?

Onto the themes, let’s do this. The definition of a theme is: “the subject of a talk, a piece of writing, a person's thoughts, or an exhibition; a topic”. In The Princess Bride my main theme was Goldman vs Morgenstern as a storyteller. Throughout the story you have William Goldman cutting out what he thinks is not exciting enough or too boring to be in the story. For example here is him giving an explanation on why he cut part of the book out: “Me again. Of all the cuts in this version, I feel most justified in making this one. Just
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Our perspectives have changed and evolved with us, there are probably things we do right now that make life harder for certain people. I think as we move on we will change our perspectives for the better, but as we create new things our views on those creations will change as well. As long as humans continue to invent and create we will have to change and improve our perspectives on the world. (Onto book number two) My favorite theme in The Hobbit was the transformation of Bilbo from a timid, weak person to the hero he was by the end. He went from fainting at the thought of even going on the quest to conversing calmly with Smaug. He went way out of his comfort zone at just about every moment on his journey. Why? I think it was to prove not to his friends in the shire, not to Gandalf, but to prove himself that he could. Whatever the reason is people going out of their comfort zone is something that always benefits them and/or the people around them. For example look at Mat Hummels, Borussia Dortmund captain and World Cup winning center back (with Germany). He is regarded as one of the best defenders in Europe being compared to legend Franz Beckenbauer.

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