Gender Stereotypes In Movies

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Though there are no significant changes in how woman is portrayed in the movies, but there are some significant changes in respect of gender roles and gender stereotypes. Prior to the discussion, it is important to propose that gender roles and gender stereotypes are usually related to one another. While gender roles related to the behavior done by the men and women, gender stereotypes are “the representative of a society’s collective’s knowledge about masculinity and femininity” (Crespi, p.3). So, gender roles contribute the material for gender stereotypes. Foremost, gender stereotypes are very influential in making the conceptualization of women and men in social categories by gender.
Hereinafter, Brannon (2008) lists that the stereotypic
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They are not damsels in distress anymore like Snow White, Cinderella and Aurora. They do still have the traditional gender role and stereotypes, like nurturing and feminine, attach to them, but there are gender roles and gender stereotypes which they break. Take Ariel for instance. Ariel breaks the stereotypes that women should be domestic and stay at home. She is more adventurous and curious about the life outside the domestic side that her predecessors. Though her goal is still similar to the previous princesses to find the true love, but she is more active in pursuing her love. Rather than waiting, she decides to go and meet her prince by using her own ability. For the case of Belle, she advances in the terms of education and knowledge which makes her break the stereotypes during the time that women does not need to be educated. Belle represent the second wave feminist’s spirit which demand equality in education field. Other than that, Ariel, Belle and Jasmine share the same quality of aspiring to marry the man of their choices. Jasmine even strongly refuses to marry someone if she is only seen as a price of possession. This view break the traditional images of stereotypical characteristics that ideal women are expected to be possessed (Bispo, p.4). Despite the fact that Ariel, Belle and Jasmine are able to break several gender stereotypes, but…show more content…
Indeed, gender roles constructed the idea that males are supposed to be adventurous, assertive aggressive, independent and task-oriented, while females should be sensitive, gentle, dependent, emotional and people oriented based on the activities that they do. However, the newest princesses are able to break from these gender roles. They become more goal-driven and show less romanticization of love. Tiana from the Princess and the Frog is the princess who relies on own ability. She even becomes the breadwinner for the family after her father passed away - she is confident with herself and able to act as the leader. Looking closely at Tiana, the reason why she can be independent is because the culture of her society shapes her to be like so. As Tiana coming from African American background, the women from this society play the most important role to maintain and keep the household together. Hence, the women should be able to be independent and strong in order to keep the family. Nevertheless, Tiana, Rapunzel and Merida represent the modern women who are able to make their own decisions. They are the portrait the independency of a woman which comes after the entire obstacle to earn the rightful place. Tiana, Rapunzel and Merida also propose the idea of equality between man and woman. It is proven by the fact that they can criticize the male characters in the
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