The Princess's Choice In 'The Lady Or The Tiger'

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The Princess’s Choice Frank R. Stockton, the author of The Lady or The Tiger, wrote the story and left us questioning who might have been behind the door. The story is puzzling and mysterious all together. The story gives many evidences and hints to the princess’s decision. Some would say that the lady came out from behind the door, but there are several evidence that show that the princess chose the door with the tiger. First of all, if the princess chose the lady, she would be in so much pain to see her lover and the lady together. Seeing the two together would constantly remind her of her decision, but choosing the tiger, it would be over quickly. The princess would feel guilty about sending her lover to his death, but as time goes on she will heal. She would not be constantly reminded of her decision because she is not going to see the young man around anymore, making her memories fade, and her guilt of the decision lessen.…show more content…
Being semi-barbaric the princess could watch the death of her lover and his death would not affect her as much as it affected others; she would be used to seeing blood and. Also, if she was like her father in the way of being fair and the fact that her lover is guilty of the crime, it would is more likely that the princess would choose the tiger. If her love was true, she would have already made up her mind. The time she took, making her decision shows that her love was not as strong or as true as we imagined it to be. Therefore, she would be more likely to choose the tiger because she was semi-barbaric like her
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