The Principle Of Racism

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1.0 What is racism?
Racism is the belief that characteristics and abilities can be attributed to people simply on the basis of their race and that some racial groups are superior to others. It involves not only making distinctions and grouping people but also denigration.

2.0 What is wrong with racism? 2.1 Principle of equality
Equality is a claim that we should treat and respect all people equally, regardless race, sex, religion, culture …The interest and well-being of people is equally important. Racism is immoral as it treats people unequally based on the race and violates the principle of equality. White people think black people are less important and give less respect to them. The equality of opportunity requires us to give equal opportunity to all people when having relevant qualifications and abilities that skin color or race is not a relevant consideration. However, racism put race into one of the consideration thus black people are not allowed to win their social positions through fair and equal competition.

2.2 principle of justice Principle of justice requires the treatments of persons according to what they deserve. A qualified person deserves the job and it is just when he or she gets the job. However, when there is racism, black people cannot earn promotion although they are hardworking and qualified. It is unjust as they cannot get what they deserve. In addition, justice should not bias on irrelevant characteristics or the biological sense like gender
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