The Print Media As A Medium Of Mass Communication

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The print media is a medium of mass communication that involves the use of printed publications such as newspapers, magazines, journals etc. Newspapers have been the major source of disseminating information from time memorial. Newspapers are known for the provision of up to date information on local and international events. Newspapers often contain current and interesting information meant for the reading pleasure of the vast majority of readers of all ages’ and people from all walks of life. The print medium has always been one of the most widely read publications on a daily or weekly basis in both print and electronic versions. As a mass medium, newspapers are useful for education, information, relaxation and entertainment. Newspapers help in keeping people abreast of events and happenings within and outside their immediate environment. Newspapers are important to everyone, especially youths and students who are expected to be the most active information seeking group in any society. The durability of printed newspapers has aided its survival because it can be kept and easily be referred to when necessary compared to the broadcast medium.
It has become a common trend for academic institutions around the world to communicate to their students via the use of campus press. Campus press could be either a print, broadcast or new media outlet, it is just basically a medium of communication from the institution management to its students and staff or vice versa.
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