The Private Voucher System

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The private voucher systems should be discontinued because of its violation of the separation of church and state. “Over 80 percent of students attending private schools are enrolled in religious institutions” This means that the taxes, that are mandatory to pay by the citizens are directly supporting religious schools. In America, you are voluntarily allowed to support religion, but since taxes are directly going to religious institutions, it is a huge offense to the First Amendment 's guarantee of religious freedom. Most of the students who would attend a private school through a voucher would not be able to choose the religion of the school. The voucher program denies the religion of the student and allows the schools to influence the student…show more content…
In theory, school vouchers should be beneficial for students. However, through the various years of testing the impact of school vouchers, it has been shown to be negligible. Researchers have found that the overall scores of students who have used vouchers and the students who continued to remain in public schools have similar results. The conclusion made by the researchers was based on the data that was collected over many years and by various locations. Not only did the voucher systems provide no results over countless years, it also brought detrimental consequences toward the students who used vouchers. The students who used the vouchers to attain a better education was left in disappointment. The student 's’ score was even lower than their peers in their previous public schools. A great portion of the voucher schools appeared to have a lack of resources or the ability to educate the children who came to obtain a better education. Unlike public schools who test their children on an yearly basis to find out if they are meeting a set standard, private schools do not have to be accountable for the progress of every individual student. This may be a key reason why the students who use vouchers score lower than their public school peers. The opposing side states that the vouchers provide an opportunity…show more content…
As it has been mentioned as the first key point, the school vouchers only hurt public schools and misuses the taxes that are provided by the people. According to the second key point, school vouchers is only a source of income for the private schools and as a result hurts the majority of students who attend public schools. School vouchers also tend to encourage discrimination of the non-wealthy and disabled people. The vouchers defies their sole purpose in supporting the unfortunate individuals. As stated as the third reason, many people are violated of their First Amendment Rights. People lose their rights by unconditionally supporting religious institution. The final point is that vouchers have little to worse results. The voucher system does not only have little benefit but also have a negative impact toward the students. If these voucher systems have not existed, these very problems would not have affected the world of free education that is guaranteed by America. For these reasons, people should not be deceived by the voucher systems and therefore must be
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