The Problem Anton Chekhov Analysis

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“The Problem” by Anton Chekhov focuses more on characters’ thoughts, moods, and surrounding atmosphere rather than plot of external actions. Anton Chekhov is talented at capturing the inner lives of the characters in the story. In the story The Problem, there were many conflict between Sasha and his uncles and also between both of his uncle, Colonel and Ivan Markovitch about Sasha debt. Anton Chekhov develop the character Sasha by bringing the character inner thoughts and feelings to help understand what type of character is Sasha. The theme of this story is to determent will Sasha behavior will change, through the conflict between his uncles. The character’s speech and action help reader understands capture the inner lives of the Chekhov character for The Problem. The conflict between Sasha and his uncles is about how each of the uncles respond to his action. The conflict between Sasha and Colonel that Chekhov creates helps readers understand who they are by capturing the inner lives of his character. Chekhov makes Colonel against Sasha: “Suppose we were to forgive him and pay the money. You know he would not give up leading a dissipated life, squandering money, making debts, going to our tailors and ordering suits in our names! Can you guarantee that this will be his last prank? As far as I am concerned, I have no faith whatever in his reforming” (Chekhov 4). The colonel maybe unsympathetic for Sasha, but he is also concerned with conventions and family honor. Which show
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