The Problem Of Bullying In School

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Bullying has become most popular behavior in the school because the bullying has increased year by year among the students. Bullying is the most problem occurred in the school today (Hanafiah, 2014).The bullying is a type of violence. As it can be seen that bullying is an action of harming to other person through the psychological social or educational harm, hence bullying is often known as violence (National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, 2016). Bullying problem can be solved and prevented by creating dialogue, recognizing and responding “hot spots”, and also fostering safety at school. First, creating dialogue is one way to prevent bullying in the school. Teacher can give chance for students to talk about bullying in the direct dialogue to combat this kind of problem (, 2014). By creating dialogue many student may be able to share problems and emotion to the other people. Furthermore, teacher can form a check in circle way for many other student for them to be easy to tell their feeling and share any bullying problem in the school (George Lucas Educational Foundation, 2014). Teachers can order students to sit face by face to each other in a gathering circle for straight ahead communication about their problem of bullying in the classroom. In addition, the student can take part the organizing anti- bullying installation where they determine problems through the open dialogue. This is because students can be exposed to the knowledge of solving the
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