Cultural Appropriation By J. K. Rowling: An Analysis

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Cultural appropriation has been a controversial topic following the accusation of numerous celebrities of appropriation. The debate surrounding the ethics and the role of using a culture outside of one’s culture is very well present in the artistic community, including among the fiction writers. Traditionally, fiction writers have taken aspects of a foreign culture to create characters and narratives. However, recent incidents, such as when J.K Rowling was accused of appropriating on Navajo narratives about skinwalkers in May 2016, has incited an argument between writers on whether writer should be allowed to use narratives borrowed from other cultures. This essay will discuss the problem of cultural appropriation in fiction, especially of the native communities in Australia, by examining both perspectives and suggest of a realistic solution to reach an agreement.…show more content…
Broadly defined, cultural appropriation is the use of the aspects of one culture by members of other cultures (Young, 2010). However, it is important to note that not all cultural appropriation is equal. In his synthesis, Richard A. Rogers (2006) categorised cultural appropriation into four groups: cultural exchange, cultural dominance, cultural exploitation, and transculturation. The debates surrounding cultural appropriation mainly focused only the usage of a subordinated culture by a dominant culture without permission, which Rogers identified as cultural exploitation. This is different from cultural exchange and transculturation, which is done on equal basis, and cultural dominance, which is done by the subordinated

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