Cultural Barriers In Education

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It is generally had seen before that the main end of any education system in a rights-giving society is to make ready quality education for all learners so that they will be able to get stretched their full possible & unused quality and will be able to full of sense send in (writing) to and take part in that society throughout their lives however there are a few barriers to achieve this goal.
A barrier to learning is anything that stands in the way of a child being able to learn effectively. A learner may experience one or more barriers to learning throughout his or her education. (Promoting the right to education for children with disability (fact sheet 6) SYSTEMIC BARRIERS TO INCLUSIVE EDUCATION, : European union.)
Pedagogic Barriers
The profession or art of teaching.
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The problem is made worse because many teachers went through an education system which was itself disempowering and which did not expose teachers to the types of approaches that they are now expected to apply.
Content and teaching methods
In summarizing the main findings of the PEI research projects. Taylor and Vinjevold state that the most definitive point of convergence across the PEI studies is the conclusion that some teachers have a poor conceptual knowledge of subjects they are teaching. This causes a fundamental constraints on the quality of teaching and learning activities and consequently the quality of learning outcomes. (Taylor, N and Vinjevold, P. 1999. Getting Learning Right: Report of the President’s Education Initiative Research Project. Johannesburg. Joint Education Trust. 230)
Overcrowded classrooms
The problem that teachers face is the overcrowded classrooms. The quality of learning and teaching, as educators cannot pay enough attention to each learner and thus results in poor
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