The Problem Of Gender Inequality

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Most of us know that gender equality is not a problem anymore in the business world. However, there are still countries and companies in other parts of the world that practice gender inequality, especially for the women. These agents hinder women in other part of the world to attain their dreams in the corporate world. This problem of gender inequality must be eliminated and be solved as soon as possible. Some authors cite possible solutions for this problem and the most notable solutions were reconstruction of laws and change in the workplace structure through the strict implementation of these laws against gender inequality. In the study of Maniam, B., Russell, K., and Subramaniam, G. (2010) recommended for the reconstruction or amendments of public policies or laws that fights gender inequality. Also, according to Anku-Tsede, O., and Gadegbeku, C. (2014) stated that the laws that promote gender equality should be strongly implemented, not just in the state but also within the institutions or companies to change the workplace structure. If the problem of gender inequality will be solved, it will create greater opportunities for women, companies, and the state in terms of job opportunities, career growth and development, profit maximization, and economic growth. Despite the solutions given by the authors, the researcher believes that to end this problem, solving the root cause is the best idea to eliminate gender inequality. With this idea, the researcher suggests solutions
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