The Problem Of Gender Inequality

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The Women’s March on the 21st of January 2017, 5 million men and women protesting to advocate legislation and policies regarding women’s rights, LGBTQ rights and racial equality. These people are revealing a problem that at least affects billions of people worldwide. The problem of gender inequality. Most people don’t consider gender inequality to be a genuine problem, to be exact more than 60% of the people don’t believe that there is gender inequality or a wage gap. So why is it that gender inequality gets associated with feminism and why do so many people neglect the problem of inequality?

To understand the problem of gender inequality it is essential to know what it exactly means. Gender inequality states the fact that men and women aren’t being treated in an equal way in similar cases. It is a real problem the world is currently facing. Although women make up 49,6% of the world population they only make up 4,4% of the positions of power in the world. In politics, this number is slightly larger but still is a shocking 22%. In addition, two-thirds of all the illiterate people in the world are female, one in three girls have experienced physical or sexual violence in their lives and over 150 countries still have a sexist law put into place.

Inequality between the sexes often gets associated with feminism. This is because feminists strive to get away with the differences between men and women. Unlike many people think, feminism was not put into existence to bring men

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