The Problem Of Illegal Immigration

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Illegal immigration has been spreading widely throughout the years and that is because of what many nations have been going through from civil wars and revolutions that started forming refugees that had no choice but to immigrate since they have nowhere else to go. It has been a problem facing many countries especially the United States. People have been entering through the borders of Mexico and other neighboring countries. However, some of those immigrants have actually entered the United States legally but have never left ever since. Even though the United Nations does seek to offer help for those in need, many people still tend to abuse their rights as humans and break the laws. Moreover, illegals or an individual without the nationality of a certain country entering that specific country without a visa or residency and staying there is breaking the law. That is why the argument of whether illegal immigrants should be deported is yet to be resolved.
People who escape from their own countries are usually in need of help and a place to stay but that doesn’t give them the right to break the laws of the country they are entering and are going to get help from by disobeying their laws. We are most familiar with immigrants entering the United States from Mexico but recently however studies have showed that the immigrants coming from Mexico have actually decreased significantly compared to immigrants coming from elsewhere (Krogstad, 2016). Entering the country with no

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