Persuasive Essay On Illegal Immigration Paper

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Illegal immigration has been spreading widely throughout the years and that is because of what many nations have been going through from civil wars and revolutions that started forming refugees that had no choice but to immigrate since they have nowhere else to go. It has been a problem facing many countries especially the United States. People have been entering through the borders of Mexico and other neighboring countries. However, some of those immigrants have actually entered the United States legally but have never left ever since. Even though the United Nations does seek to offer help for those in need, many people still tend to abuse their rights as humans and break the laws. Moreover, illegals or an individual without the nationality…show more content…
Immigrants are only there to make a living they mean no harm to the country and find it easier to be there illegally because they are in desperate need of the money and can’t afford to waste time on legal paperwork. They had no other choice to live a normal life and they took a huge risk doing so. America claims to be a free country but recently more and more restrictions have been added about who is allowed in the country which contradicts the phrase that they have been living by for so many years. When it comes to being a “free country” they should be free when it comes to everything and not only when it came to immigrants were they banning certain countries. Moreover, immigrants are actually benefiting the country more than harming it. Immigrants take on jobs that pay little that contribute to the society but Americans don’t see the importance of these jobs. Immigrants can also have skills that the Americans are not familiar with. They serve Americans after all by doing all the minimum wage jobs that benefit the Americans from like serving their food to cleaning after them, jobs that Americans wouldn’t
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