The Problem Of Illegal Immigration In India

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Illegal immigration alludes to migration of people across the national border in such a way that violates the immigration laws of the country they are immigrating to. The immigration becomes an option when potential immigrants think that benefits of migrating to other country are more than the risks involved in the movement. The benefits they consider while immigrating are not only improvements in income or in living standards but also they expect to get potential future residential permits, which give them a way to their citizenship. The risks or the cost they count are restrictions in immigrating to a country, leaving their family and existing lifestyle behind.
There are many countries which confront the issue of illegal immigration. India is not an exception. In India, there is more of unauthorised movements than the legitimate movement of trade and humans. The problem is severe in India, mostly in the north-eastern and eastern parts of India where the source of majority of illegal immigrants is Bangladesh. Illegal immigration from Bangladesh to India also implies the threat to the India’s border security. A good number of smugglers regularly cross the border along the state of West Bengal in India. Moreover, Bangladeshi women are also trafficked to India for commercial sexual exploitation. Besides the social implications, economic implications can also be observed. Illegal immigration is one of the major factors to disturb the existing employment

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