Income Inequality In The World

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Income Inequality Introduction According to the latest statistics, planet Earth is now home to more than seven billion human beings. We are spread all over the world in all continents and our growth rate is not showing any signs of decline. In this type of environment, it is only natural for some people to do better in life than others. When you have different communities living in different regions of the world, some of these communities are bound to have access to more resources than others because of their geographical location. Furthermore, Capitalism which is the most prominent ideology in the world at the current time works best when some people are richer than others because it motivates them to work harder. But the vague term…show more content…
Income inequality is one of the most serious problems of the twenty first century. The people who suffer the most from this issue are usually discriminated against because of their gender, ethnicity, disability or even race. This discrimination extends to many aspects of these people’s lives which include access to job opportunities, education, healthcare or even basic life necessities such as food. Moreover, income inequality is spread in both developed and developing countries which means the lack of resources is not the issue here. This makes sense since the world economy is still growing but we are still facing many worldwide issues such as poverty, environmental degradation, persistent unemployment, political instability, violence and conflict. These problems are related if not directly caused by income inequality. The relation between income inequality and other world problems is really obvious when you look closely at world events. Having people (young people in particular) out of the cycle of production by keeping them poor will make them disgruntled and mad at their government even though it is not entirely their governments fault. This misconception causes these people to fall a victim for long deadly conflicts that does not solve anything. From these conflicts stem the other problems that blight our…show more content…
For example, a lot of countries such the USA hire expatriates from India to work in software companies. Allowing the income gap to widen in India will mean less people will be able to work these jobs and thus it will affect the USA. This is a single example of how the world economy is inter-connected with itself. The problem if income inequality is also affecting college graduates around the world. One of the positive outlooks of this century is the rapid change of gender roles and the increase in the numbers of educated women around the world. Although many of these women just as qualified as the other employees, they usually get paid less doing the exact same job. Creating this unnecessary income gap will demotivate aspiring women from joining the work force which is ultimately not good for the economy. I am a strong believer of hard work
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