The Problem Of Obesity In America

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Our world is greatly dimmed by those of larger body. When roaming the streets, we see every day those struggling to hold themselves up. Being fit and active, when viewing those who aren’t of our stature, it brings shame and depression. The problem of obesity has plagued this great nation since it’s founding. From the founding fathers to the common citizen. Benjamin Franklin was obese, and he was one of the creators of the lights around us today. With obesity comes some of the greatest challenges of this modern nation. Overpopulation, the taking up of valuable space, Dire need of resources, and mobility issues. To solve these urgent issues, the proposition of mass extermination is considered. Mass Extermination may seem drastic, and it is, but it must be done for the security of the country. To achieve this on such a large scale, the process will be complicated. The military and the Government will see to it that all individuals of 315 pounds or more are collected and organized into mass chambers intended for murder. The military will then stand them in single file lines and they will have the option of choosing the way to go. By bullet, or by lethal injection. If choosing lethal injection, they will be killed in a different room than those who chose to die by bullet. After the individual is killed, their body fat will be used for fuels and fertilizers during this time of great need in America. You won’t be sorry for agreeing to this solution. Those who don’t agree

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