The Problem Of Online Shopping

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The internet has played a vital role in our lives. The growth in the number of internet user in saudi Arabia (In alhasa) city leads to acceptance of online shopping. This paper investigate the factors that encourage people to use online shopping. This study depends on methodology. There is a questionnaire. A random sample of 100 consumer participants answers it . After analyzing the result, the finding shows that the use of technology helps people try online shopping and know its benefits. Also,consumers online shopping have many characteristics such as (age,education,gender,and experience). The finding also proved other factors effecting on-line shopping as saving time, price, security and delivery services.

Introduction: Nowadays, statistics show a growing number of shopper online. The aim of this paper to investigate how the internet has made a revolution in shopping process in Alhasa city. This topic attracts me as I know many people around me use online shopping and the number increase rapidly. So this study discusses some hypothesis the great acceptance of online shopping in Alhsa city, the characteristics of online consumer and the advantages that attract people to buy online. This study is divided into three main sections the first section consists of general background the second one includes the literature review and research methodology.

The third section deals with analysis and evaluation of finding to reach the results in
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