The Problem Of Poverty, Illiteracy And Poverty In Africa

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Community: Gabazi village in Qumbu in the Eastern Cape Province Problem: Poverty (illiteracy and unemployment) 1.1 Log-frame: Poverty in the Eastern Cape Measurements . Indicators Project summary Indicators Means of verification assumptions Development objective • Improve Gabazi’s quality of life and standard of living • Improve literacy and school attendance • Improved community participation • Reduced apathy • Reduced school absenteeism and 50% reduction in dropout rate • Improved pass rate at local school • Development of projects undertaken by the community • Absenteeism and academic performance reports from school or Department of education district office • Community members change various behaviours that lead to unemployment and illiteracy (academic and emotional support at households, educational discipline, ways to make money and alleviate poverty) • Follow up annual surveys with no negative findings Effect objective • Provide community with employment and employment opportunities • People are less vulnerable to poverty • Build a library and rebuild the local school • Increased number of employment opportunities • Reduced household dependency (means to feed family members) • Increased and consistent school attendance and educational support • Poverty, unemployment and illiteracy surveys conducted pre and post implementation • Weekly and monthly academic performance by tutors and teachers in schools • Community is able to start its own projects to grow food

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