The Problem Of Racial Profiling

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Racial profiling has always been an issue in the United States, although we as a society tend to ignore it, it is still occurring around us everyday. Data has proven that racial profiling is an issue, it shows that, “Racial profiling is real. Disparate treatment of black and brown men by police officers is real. Grotesquely disproportionate numbers of killings of black men by the police are real” (Blow). Blacks are the number one race that is being killed by police officers; the numbers of the killings are drastically high. Although policemen have very difficult jobs, they were the ones that agreed to take on the responsibility, this comes with sticking to the laws; they must not allow personal beliefs to get in the way of the law. However, many police officers let their personal beliefs (some being of racism) get the best of them, this has become a problem, ACLU stated that, “Although some police officials are still in denial, we have presented strong and compelling evidence, of both an anecdotal and statistical nature, that racial profiling on our nation 's roads and highways is indeed a nationwide problem” (Harris).…show more content…
The problem of racial profiling has begun to be visible nationwide, it is being taken into account and “steps towards a solution are clear,” cases that have to do with racial profiling will be investigated
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