Standardized Testing Persuasive Research Paper

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America’s education system has been an issue for quite awhile now, many students have complained about how they are taught on a daily basis. As a high school student who has been in three different American public schools, education is not what is going on inside. From students not even showing up to them showing up not caring can lead back to the way we are being taught. We are bored and tired of taking pointless tests with pointless information. All students dread the days when final exams arrive. We intergrate excitement back into education again and continuously having tests is not the way to do that. Standardized testing is known to lead to extreme levels of stress, limited education, and not evaluating the student 's knowledge fairly,…show more content…
This movement has become very popular with both parents and students. The idea is that if everybody continues to opt out from test eventually schools will realize that testing is not working and they will change the ‘norm’ of education. However, the only issue is that they do not provide a good alternative method, their main objective is to raise awareness on how stressful test situations are not the answer. They are on the right track but you can’t just wipe out testing and expect students to magically do better. The solution I am proposing is a whole new school system. The government will have to stop and realize the issue and invest time and money ifficently to help the school. It will difficult to get rid of testing seeing as that is what colleges look at to see if a student qualifies however if we pass a law or tweak the ones already in place we can change the norm for the evaluation of a student all together. The Society has slowly started to "teach to test" after the No Child Left Behind Act was enacted. The test may help with evaluating some qualities in a child but it ignores the qualities a student will need to succeed in real life situations. As well as not teaching those qualities at
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