The Underage Drinking Problem

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The U.S. has a problem that needs to be fixed, the problem they are currently facing is underage drinking. This problem has been going on for a few years now, but there just hasn’t been an effective solution to stop it. A way to stop this problem is by making some sort of law or rule that will prevent teens from drinking and causing more problems. This is a problem because it is a safety issue and when teens are drunk, they tend to make stupid decisions. In the article The Problem of Underage Drinking and What Parents Can Do Heidi Stevens says that most of the deaths are because of consumption of alcohol “excessive drinking is responsible for more than 4,300 deaths among underage youth each year” (Stevens 4). Drinking has lead to many problems,…show more content…
If the parents of these teens talk to them about the consequences they can face if they drink then maybe this will help the underage drinking percentage go down. Another solution according to Patty Neighmond in the article To Stop Teen Drinking Parties, Fine the Parents, is to fine the parents of the adolescents who are drinking (Neighmond 5). This might be an efficient solution because now that the parents know that they will also be getting in trouble if they find their kids illegally drinking then the parents will be more strict on their kids, and they will make sure they don drink. Another solution according to Marisol Diaz in the article Increase the Tax Alcohol to Reduce Underage Drinking, is to raise the tax fee on alcohol (Diaz 6). This is also a really good solution because if the alcohol prices go up then not many people are going to keep on buying it and if they do, they wont buy as much as they use to. The last solution according to Alex Pietrowski in the article Iceland’s Approach to Teen Underage Drinking is to make a curfew were teens can’t no longer be outside at a certain time, Alex states that after making this new curfew rule now “a development of a new generation of teens who spend more time with their parents and families then before” (Pietrowski 1). Now more teens are spending time with their families instead of being out with their friends drinking, this is a good thing because that means that the amount of alcohol consumption is going
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