The Problems Of Unemployment As A Social Problem In Society

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Typically, one does not think about unemployment being a social problem, unless you are someone that is unemployed or has experienced unemployment. Unfortunately, unemployment is becoming a serious social problem today in society. Many people who happen to be unemployed are more than capable of working they just do not have the proper experience or flexibility that a job requires. Many are also unemployed because there are not enough jobs for everyone. The unemployment rate is rising every day and the something needs to be done to stop this. Many youth are unemployed because they have just come from high school and they do not have enough work experience to get a job. Adults are more likely to be unemployed because of physical and mental health challenges. Adults also tend to be unemployed because of cyclical, structural and frictional unemployment. Unemployment also goes into hand with homelessness and panhandling, because there is not enough jobs people are ending up homeless and looking for other ways to get money. Why are youth more likely to be unemployed than adults, and is unemployment among youth becoming a social problem? Unemployed Youth Youth that are unemployed are ages 15 to 24 and do not have a job but are looking to work. Normally at this age youth are in high school, just finishing high school and do not have enough education or job experience that a job requires or they may be in a post-secondary school and are not able to balance both a job and school. This

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