Essay On The Process Of Aging In The Human Body

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Student’s name: Basem Taleb Al-Abdulsalam Academic Number:361130017 Teacher’s name: Mr.Leon Boois Course: English Grammar The Process of Aging of the Human Body

Aging, old age, is a phenomenon afflicting the human as a result of growth. According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary (1), aging is " the time of life when a person is old”. There are many changes occurring in the human body during the aging period. In the beginning of this period the human will have some changes in the situation and the shape of his body. After that he will get some diseases that affect in the health status. Finally, he will forget, forgetfulness because some changes in the memory.
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Finally, the cells in the human body cannot perform their functions fully and naturally during the aging time, this lead to the weakness of the mind. That means the human in the aging time, maybe cannot remember the small information and details which he was known in the past. For instance, some elderly cannot remember what are their homes’ numbers and unfortunately a lot of them forget their friends’ names. According to the website Harvard Medical School (4), there are many cases lead to forgetfulness, but we will mention the most common of them. First, “lack of sleep” (4), that is mean not getting enough sleep can create many problems with the memory and it can lead to mood changes and stress. Second, another reason of forgetfulness is some kind of “medications” (4), that can affect memory, usually by causing sedation. Also, they can make it difficult to pay close attention to new things. Here are kinds of medications that may lead to forgetfulness: tranquilizers, antidepressants, some blood pressure drugs, antibacterial drugs, which means active against bacteria, and other medications.

In conclusion, the aging time is the last period of the human life. It is including many changes in the human body in the shape, health and memory. Many humans get most of their diseases in this period of their life. The humans, in this period of life, lose their strength and ability to life as
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