The Process Of Culture: The Importance Of Socialization

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Every individual is a part of a particular society and society is composed of different races, religions, social and ethnic groups. To be a part of society socialization is important because, socialization is the process by which an individual acquire knowledge, language, social skills and values to be conventional to the norms and roles required for integration into a society. Within the process of socialization the symbolic construction of the vast array of social and ethnic group’s experiences, the embodiment, and the chronicle of a group’s history is termed as culture. Culture refers to the languages, beliefs, values, norms, customs, knowledge and skills that people learnt, and that make up the way of life of any society. Culture is passed on from one generation to the next through the process of socialization. Culture bestows recognition to the particular society and differentiates it from the rest. Culture confers a group an authentic heritage to which to ascribe with and also provides the significance of cultural values, goals and career aspirations relatively uncomplicated. The human being gets socialized within the society he is part of and the culture he is accustomed with gives him the identification as an authentic member of that particular society. With the passage of time certain traumatic or cataclysmic changes take place and the established society gets dispersed and falls into the domain of unfeasibility where conditions for living becomes
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