The Process Of Socialization: The Importance Of Globalization

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Globalization is a process of interaction and integration of different people, culture and nations as a result of trade, politics, migration, investments and communications and is aided by information technology. The process has made the whole world into a global village whereby people can now do business with who ever they want to regardless of boarders. It was a process which began a long time ago but it speed up in the 19th and 20th century. Globalization has brought a lot of changes in the world as more and more information is now being shared without delays and or without barriers. This has improved the well being of the human race especially to the third world countries.

Globalization is a topic that have interested me in that l used not to think anything about it. It was something that l had not imagined how big and important it is to human life. It only caught my attention soon after being enrolled for a degree program with University of the People and introduced the subject or cause as one of the first one l have to take. As l was reading through, this is were l noticed that it was something so big that a lot of people had actually written about it. The topic is so interesting in that it explains the reason why today we are what we are as a result of the changes that globalization has brought. The fact that there are debates about the topic makes it more interesting as different people write different opinion about it and this make the reading and the learning

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