The Prodigal Son Analysis

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The Prodigal Son
The story of the prodigal son reflects on the contemporary culture where people especially young generation develop great value for shallow popularity over genuine character and leadership. (Luke 15:12), says that the younger son went to his father and requested his share in his father 's property. Although it was his right to receive the inheritance, it was very selfish for him to have done it before his father 's decision and his elder brother. He was so arrogant that he had the guts of going against the law based on the then norms and culture in the society. The fact is that the allure and seductive behavior was influenced by his inexperience and aspiration for freedom and independence. His action is so detrimental to our contemporary culture where our young people are allured by good looks and money that replace sacrifice and handwork. We find most young people seeking pleasures and independence thus disobeying the advice of their parents and elders and follow deceit by their peers and adults who are enemies of the young generation. They engage in things that they find pleasurable to their immediate desires without taking into consideration the long-term effects of their actions.
Like the prodigal son desired to live an extravagant life, youths of pop culture aspire to lead a life that does not demand their handwork and sacrifice thus end up using their beauty for financial benefits. Their behavior

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