The Progressive Movement From 1890-1920's

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The progressive movement that took place from 1890-1920 aimed to correct injustices in American life as well as restore economic opportunities. Through the hard work and persistence of all people involved, this movement was fairly successful in achieving its main goals of protecting social welfare, promoting moral improvement, and creating economic reform. Many people in this time fought to protect social welfare. More specifically, the intense and harsh working conditions for industrial workers. The Social Gospel and settlement houses like the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA), which built swimming pools and handball courts as well as opened libraries and sponsored classes, and the Salvation Army, which fed poor people in soup kitchens and cared for children in nurseries, helped the poor as well as this movement. In addition to these organizations,…show more content…
Progressives distanced themselves from these ideas, although they saw the truth in some of the comments Eugene V. Debbs, and organizer of the American Socialist Party, about the uneven balance of power between big business, government, and the average people. Journalists in magazines also began to write about the corrupt side of big business in public life, earning them the name muckrakers. The main goals of the progressive era, protecting social welfare, promoting moral improvement, and creating economic reform, were somewhat successful. Although some of the most radical ideas were not put into action or made permanent, through hard work, Americans came together in strong efforts and managed improve economic opportunities and correct injustices in American
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