The Progressivism Movement: Theodore Roosevelt, And Woodrow Wilson

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Progressivism is a movement focused on rectifying politics, modernization, and justice for the American people. In the Progressive Era, the citizens had many important economic issues to address, such as exploitation of women and children, the advancement of scientific research, and the consequences of big businesses taking over the work force. On the legislative side, many issues such as corrupt political leaders, Americans being given the freedom the Constitution allows, as well as citizens voices being heard as far as political issues are concerned. The Progressives were motivated by corruption at the hands of the government, inequality for American citizens, and greed by larger companies. The Progressive Era accomplished many advancements such as growth on an economic and city population level, improvement in the industrial production, as well as development of the consumer marketplace. Although William Howard Taft, Theodore Roosevelt, and Woodrow Wilson all claimed to be…show more content…
Encouraging growth within small businesses would aid the economy in not allowing big business to take over; however, that lead to questions regarding labor reform. He also made choices in Presidency that we still see today, as a requirement, such as establishing an office in the Capitol and press conferences. Both of these changes allowed Wilson to address issues with Congress immediately and more efficiently. Woodrow Wilson was definitely a progressive and his actions made an impact on all Americans. He advocated many progressive goals such as the exploitation issue by labor legislation for both women and children; furthermore, he limited all Americans to a certain number of hours per day, as well as a wage that was beneficial to everyone. The Federal Trade Act also ended many illegal practices businesses were taking advantage of. Also, creation of the Federal Reserve System helped the lower the inflation issue taking
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