The Prom Hasan Minhaj Analysis

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In this compelling story, The Prom by Hasan Minhaj, Minhaj uses narrative techniques to express the idea that people in general let fear restrict their actions. He uses well-known allusions and incorporates other languages to impact the audience by connecting and conveying unique aspects. Minhaj mentions Mario Kart, Full House and March Madness so that the audience can be able to better connect and relate with him. Furthermore, he also quotes his father using his native Indian language so that the audience is able to gain insight to their culture. By using sophisticated storytelling techniques, Hasan Minhaj is able to effectively convey his experiences about fear. Amy Tan’s Fish Cheeks is also a moving story. Tan expresses the idea that people in general have difficulty being proud of their backgrounds when they feel that they won’t be accepted. She uses imagery and situational irony to relate to the reader. Some examples of imagery…show more content…
In addition, both Hasan Minhaj and Amy Tan weren’t accepting of their culture of their culture and wanted to be able to fit in with the rest of the world. They were both embarrassed of their families when someone came and visited them, but eventually they were thankful that it happened. Despite all the similarities, the biggest differences . The Prom was an oral address to an audience while Fish Cheeks was a short piece written for others to read. Both authors conveyed the idea of wanting to fit in. Hasan Minhaj mentions when he was younger, he wanted to be “white” while Amy Tan’s mother knew that she wanted to be an “American Girl.” In The Prom, Minhaj provided allusions such as strict parents and a Huffy bike to connect with the audience. Although Amy Tan also included a few allusions, she incorporated many more examples of imagery. While these are different mediums, they both expressed life stories that were personal to
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