The Promise, The Great Blowup: The Great Plowup

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The book The Worst Hard Time was written in three parts; “The Promise”, “Betrayal”, and “Blowup”. In the introduction of “The Promise: The Great Plowup” it takes the reader on a quick journey of the Southern Plains towns in the area that was affected by the dust bowl. A few survivors shared their stories about life during the tragedy. In this section the important topics are introduced; ethnic tension, soul-searching, shame, a path to redemption, and settlement problems. This section follows a few settlers who had to live in a place that gives nothing back. This section also talks about the American dream and hope and having to deal with having no money to support their families. Section one ends with wheat prices declining, the stock market crash, and the first dust storm. Section two, “Betrayal”, concentrated on the how the people dealt with what they thought to be betrayal by the banks, the government, and their land. The government gave the people the land they needed to grow their wheat but shortly after both their land and their wheat prices shriveled up. Causing the people to have no food or money and now the environment seemed to be giving them a beating. The land was now being swept away and becoming a part of the storm. It…show more content…
This incident in history has always interested me but I have never been taught the subject in its entirety. I think that reading this book helped me to understand the Dust Bowl and its effects on society. I also believe that the sources for this book are very important because without the stories from the survivors the story would not have been as interesting nor would it have been as informative. I believe that because Egan used the stories of these people that it made the novel more creditable because it wasn’t just a bunch of facts but a story that evoked emotions in the

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