The Proposal Character Analysis

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The author of the prologue “The Proposal” was written in the settings of 1888. It contracts the following characters Mr. Lomov, Natalya Stepanouna, and Chubukov despise of business with pleasure of a formula act as a stage neighborhood farm To begin there is a formal man name Mr. Lomov during the time he have occur the seeking love life of the next door neighbor name “Natalya” situation were so rare that it’s unbelievable nowadays “No, I’ve come only to see you, honored Stepan Stepanovitch” Mr. Lomov remark –hoping the approval of the fathers’s behalf to announces a married can begin for all the best in the world that comes with happy ending to conclude the conversation have toking place of the household in front of the poach while disusing. Meanwhile, as the gentlemen’s proceed into the future with open door together the story states “I’ve been hoping for it for a long time. I’ts been my contrail desire and I’ve always loved you my own son. May GOD give you both his help, and his blessing, and his love, and I did so much hope. . .” –with grace the father have continued the sequel for the young lovers of adding additional to the family reason why Mr. Lomov came very respectfully and honor not because he believe in heaven 's gates but the way he carry himself as a Christian man.
Second of all the father of the prologue fits a perfect role what’s a little heart to heart moment can hurt anyone seeing the future someone else point of view can be very excited knowing
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