The Pros And Cons Of 3D Printing

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Rapid prototyping methods will help businesses and industries to react to market pressures in a more proficient manner than before. 3D printing is an innovation which promises economic development for several industries in the future. American Pearl (AP) was founded in 1950. A company that started off as a small store in Manhattan by Charlie Bakhash , is now one of the biggest names in the jewellery industry. AP have established their name throughout the years by offering high quality jewelry at wholesale prices. In addition, they are a truly solid e-commerce company as they state “ We are the number 1 pearl website on the internet, online since 1997 and among Google’s very first customers”. The company did not only survive the dot-com downfall…show more content…
A successful international team of architects which was established in New York, in 1994 by Rijk Rietveld and his wife Margaret Sobietski. The company provides top-quality service to their clients such as master planning, customized products, landscape designs and branding. The firm is composed of a dozen of young and talented architects and graphic designers, who are constantly providing new ideas in order to expand the firm into a global brand. They are pioneers in North America and Europe. As Piet Meijs, senior associate at RA states: “back in 2012, we were the only company providing 3D printed models when we did a showcase in the Netherlands”. As most architectural firms, in order to increase their client base, they have to compete with other architects. 3D printing was the key to their success since it gave them the possibility of providing utmost detail in their maquettes, securing several customers as well as tailored customer service. this new process has allowed them to concentrate their efforts on expanding the business to other countries and also offering more innovative models. On the long term this could translate into being a well known firm across the…show more content…
of the scale 1:1 with accuracy and well defined details. As aforementioned, the integration of this process in the company’s activity has allowed them to not only to meet customer expectations but also to work with several customers at the same time. This would have been impossible before, since a team of a dozen designers could have barely been able to cope with five

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