Breast Feeding Persuasive Speech

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They cry for a reason, either – • They are hungry. • They are in pain or poorly. • They are tired. • They are wet or dirty. • They miss you. • They are bored. They don’t cry to manipulate – they may learn to as a toddler, but definitely not as a newborn baby, which is the stage this book covers. Your newborn baby’s cry is designed to make you feel stressed! If it didn’t then you wouldn’t attend to the baby’s needs as quickly. Sometimes Dads have a hard time adapting to breast-feeding. Many say they feel useless. First of all, successful breast-feeding happens with support – so they are a very important piece of the jigsaw. Secondly there are LOADS of ways Dads can bond with their baby – even nappy changing offers a chance to have lots…show more content…
Such as reducing ear, gut, chest and urinary infections, eczema, asthma, childhood obesity and heart disease in later life. Breast-feeding has even been linked to higher IQ levels. Breast-feeding is even great for you too as it helps your womb to contract after labour, so helping it return to its’ normal size faster. It is free, readily available when out and about, reduces the risks of ovarian and breast cancer later in life, as well as making your bones stronger, which reduces the risk of brittle bones as you get older. However, breast-feeding isn’t for everyone. Yes it is the best option, but not at the expense of you hating it, dreading each feed, not enjoying your baby and getting low in mood. There always has to be choice in life, and as long as you are aware of the benefits of breast-milk, then you have every right to decide against it. A happy Mum = a happy baby. DID YOU KNOW? If you are having loads of issues breast-feeding, there are lots of support groups, help and advice available. Don’t give it up if you haven’t exhausted every avenue as you may well regret it….. It may well be as easy as changing the position you feed your baby in, or maybe using a nipple…show more content…
If baby is unsettled, then maybe you could book an appointment with a chiropractor who specializes in newborn babies, to help realign their bones and relieve pressure areas. Talk to your Midwife about this if you are having problems. Breast milk has lots of goodies in it that aren’t just useful for feeding!! Amazing things that breast milk does: • Use it to clean baby’s eye if it is sticky. • Wipe over baby’s bottom if there are the beginning signs of nappy rash. Your Midwife will much prefer you to be honest about how you feel, and then you can be helped with your choice of feeding. If you wish to bottle feed, then these days advice is different from when your parents made bottles for you. For the first few days, your baby will only take 20-30 ml per feed, so the starter bottles are the best option until you have caught your breath and got organized. Believe me; even washing up a mug is a big event with a new baby. If you can afford it, then there are machines that will prepare a bottle for you in minutes, ensuring it is at the optimum temperature. However, bottles can still be made up in the traditional way, with a few adaptations. What you will need for bottle feeding: Bottles with teats and covers. A bottle and teat brush. Formula (powdered or ready to use). Sterilising

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