The Pros And Cons Of A Charge Nurse

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For this paper, there are 2 interviews required that are related to the nursing careers. The two interviews that were conducted were from a Charge Nurse, and from a Head Nurse. Each of the interviews are discussed in detail below, separately. The charge nurse is a person who has the duty of a specific department in a healthcare institution for their assigned shift. It should be noted that a charge nurse is a vital job because the person holding this job has to interact not only with the patient and his families, but also has to interact with doctors, nurses, and other staff members in order to update them about the patients that the charge nurse is looking after. The qualification of a charge nurse is to have a master’s degree from a recognized…show more content…
In such situations, it is important that a senior doctor is present during the charge nurse so that he is able to take control of the situation if the need arises. The accomplishments of a charge nurse can come about if the charge nurse has the ability to familiarize herself with the business side of health care and is showing the right kind of leadership style. This would help her in being able to control most of the critical situations without having the need of a senior doctor. The skills required to support the performance of charge nurse’s role is by having attention to detail, and having proper organizational and analytical skills, and by acquiring a caring and sympathetic…show more content…
There is also the challenge of having to become involved with quality improvement aspect because it involves having to deal with diverse aspects of the quality related to the patient. The accomplishments can come about in the sense when the head nurse would start recognizing the subordinate working under him/her (Cummings, 2013). This would make the subordinates feel that they are being appreciated owing to which they would start working in a more efficient manner. The skills required to support the performance role is to be able to be willing to work for extra hours. This way, the subordinates would take inspiration from the head nurse regarding work and may look up to him/her and might turn up early for work as well. I do not see myself in either of the occupations because both careers requires dealing with patients in a calm manner and being considerate at all times. I, on the other hand, do not have the ability to be considerate as my level of being calm is not the kind that would help me in the medical field. Furthermore, the head nurse has the leadership of being autocratic. In this kind of leadership styles, they make certain to have the orders given to their subordinates. The charge nurse has the democratic leadership qualities, which means they take final decision but include team members in
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