The Pros And Cons Of A Chemical Engineer

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How can someone explain the relationship between a chemical engineer and his job? It’s pure chemistry! Chemical engineers work with chemicals to develop new products. They may engineer a more efficient source of fuel. When engineering this, they would calculate emissions that are released when the fuel is used. Chemical engineers go through a lot of schooling and training, have high salaries, can find jobs all over the country, and their job has both benefits and downfalls.
Chemical engineers go through a lot of schooling and training. Even for a starting job, chemical engineers must get at least a Bachelor’s degree, but many jobs require higher degrees (Bonk 108). They can choose from many degrees, and those degrees can be found at colleges across the country. Degrees include Chemical Technology, Chemistry, Biochemical Engineering, and Engineering Chemistry (“Chemical
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The downfalls are quite minor, as there are no hazards in their work environments. However, their work environments are quite dull, and the career has a very slow job growth (“Pros & Cons of Chemical Engineering”). In contrast, the benefits of this job are quite large. For example, this job has a lot of variety. Starting off, the greatest upside of being a chemical engineer is that they have the highest paycheck of any type of engineer. Aside from the ups and downs of a job, people looking for a career should consider what things they would do on a typical day. In this case, they would find that chemical engineers design, construct, and operate equipment to produce products on a large scale. Also, they estimate costs, effects of processes on the environment, and staff needed for a procedure. Along with estimations, they calculate temperature and pressure throughout a process. For example, they may work on engineering a new type or form of paint (Bonk 107-108). Overall, chemical engineers on a large variety of

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