The Pros And Cons Of A Closed Border

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Immigration has always been a big issue for the United States government. It seems to me that ever since 9/11 happened, the government has passed more immigration laws and have become stricter on their policies and who exactly can come over to the United States. As of today, the United States has what is called a closed border. This means that it prevents other people from other countries to step onto US soil without having certain jurisdictions. Often people wonder if this is morally just. Are we allowed to decide who can or cannot come over? What I will be arguing about in this paper is whether having an open border is morally just, if each country has an obligation on deciding who's allowed to come over and the Immigration Reform and Control Act. As I sat down to write this paper, the first thought I had was if I…show more content…
A couple of things are: Is it morally right to not allow people over and do we need the people were keeping out? A lot of people believe that it is not morally right to keep people from moving wherever they choose to move. I agree with those people, it is morally wrong to keep people from moving wherever they choose but for the safety of our country we must have a closed border. I believe that having a closed border is what is best for our country. Another question I ask myself is do we need the people were keeping out? Do these people that we are not allowing over needed here? I wonder this because in my opinion, we do not. We have over three hundred million people living in the United States. Why do we need more? We continue to populate every day, people are already struggling to find work because of all the illegal immigrants who are over here already. Why would we allow more and more people over if they are just going to take our jobs and ruin the economy? Therefore, having closed borders is better for the economy and the safety of our
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