The Pros And Cons Of A Driver's License

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“A driver's licence is a key to independence and freedom. It allows you to get to work, study, sport, shopping, and go out with ease, yet it also puts you in the face of real danger on our roads.” ( Driving is a privilege, but not a requirement. No one should abuse this right. There are many rules to follow on the road. There are several different kinds of licences to get, many ways to lose a licence, and many ways to be safe on the road
“Anyone who operates a motor vehicle, motorcycle or motor-driven cycle on public roadways in Kansas is required to have a Driver’s Licence.” (Handbook 5)
There are many different steps people have to go through to get a Kansas Driver’s Licence. There are many restricted licence that one has to get before they can get an unrestricted licence.
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Fourteen is the minimum age to get a Farm Permit. Sixteen is the maximum age to get a Farm Permit. (Handbook 5) One has to live or work on a farm that is at least twenty acres. (Handbook 5) The individual must pass the vision, written and driving test to receive a driver’s licence.
The next restricted licence is for fifteen and sixteen year olds. That individual must go directly home or school. (Handbook 6) No non family passengers are allowed to ride in the vehicle if that individual is driving. (Handbook 6)
Driving Restrictions for sixteen and seventeen year olds is another restricted licence. One may only drive at 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. (Handbook 6) An individual may only drive directly to and from school authorized events, a religious worship service, and any job. (Handbook 6) Only one non-immediate family passenger is allowed to ride in the vehicle. (Handbook 6)
There are many restricted licence that come before a person is able to get a non-restricted licence. There are many series of test that one must take to get a licence. One must get a driver's licence to operate a
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