The Pros And Cons Of A Multigenerational Household

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If you’ve never heard of a multigenerational household, you are in the minority. The multigenerational household was the norm until the 1950s, so it is not a new phenomenon. But this particularly historic trend is coming back in a very big way to the modern American household. According to research, the number of multigenerational households has been climbing drastically in recent years. In fact, 1 in 6 Americans currently lives in a multigenerational household. The other 5 have most likely heard of it at one point or another because there are a substantial number of residents out there searching for solutions and options that accommodate their family’s needs. What is a Multigenerational Household? According to U.S. Census Bureau, a multigenerational household is defined as a home where more than two generations of a family are living under the same roof. Some experts and researchers in the field use a wider definition that includes households with a grandparent and at least one additional generation. With more than 51 million families in America living in multigenerational homes, it’s not surprising that homebuyers are searching for certain amenities that suit their specific situation. This led Lennar Homes, one of the nation’s leading homebuilders, to develop the…show more content…
This home design offers a separate private entrance, bedroom, bathroom, laundry, eat-in kitchenette and living room. It’s the layout that too many families are attempting to create with add-ons and remodels that simply drain the savings account without actually generating an all-inclusive solution. More and more people considering adding on to their homes to make room for grandma and grandpa (or great Aunt Marla) are finding it too difficult and too expensive. Instead, they are turning to more affordable, complete solutions like the NextGen® from Lennar Homes that come specifically designed for their

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