The Pros And Cons Of Abortion

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Existing Spanish regulation permits women to choose to have an abortion in the first fourteen to twenty-two weeks on grounds that the foetus is seriously deformed or the mother risks being in danger during the birth. In 2014, former Justice Minister Mr. Alberto Luiz Gallardon proposed a bill that intended to balance the mother’s rights with the foetus’ rights through the restriction of women’s rights to have an abortion. The draft bill sought to permit termination of a pregnancy only in “cases of rape reported to the police or a medically certified threat to the mother’s physical or psychological health.” The bill does not permit the termination of a pregnancy on grounds that the foetus is seriously deformed. Many people perceived this part as contentious because it sought to restrict women’s right to abortion; consequently, eliciting mass protests and international criticism. International human rights movements such as Amnesty International argued that the draft bill would put the lives of girls and women at risk; restricting their right to abortion would steer them to illegal abortions. Others contended that the bill would “take women back to the Stone Age” because “it was not consensual and in tune with the contemporary society and corresponding to the nations around Spain.” (Hopkins, 2014) Existing legislation on abortion in Singapore such as Termination of Pregnancy Act is liberal since it legalizes abortion; the foregoing Act permits termination of a pregnancy that is
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