The Importance Of Legalizing Abortion

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Abortion has been a controversial topic for decades due to the fact that it isn’t simply black and white. The real question is one of moral value and context, with no simple or uniform answer to it. Abortions have had their fair share of battles in the courts. One of the most important being the Roe v Wade decision. It states that the right to privacy which is protected under the 14th amendment of the Constitution, also protects the right of women to get legal and safe abortions. However, it also allowed for states to impose their own restrictions on it during the second and third trimesters.
People who support abortion, referred to as “pro-choice”, argue that restricting abortions pose threats the health of women, infringe their constitutional
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They argue that it protects the health of women since they are not forced to turn to unsafe illegal abortions. Back in 1930s when abortion wasn’t legal, “an estimated 800,000 illegal abortions were taking place annually, resulting in 8,000-17,000 women 's death each year” (American Civil Rights Union). If abortions are restricted they will become unattainable to certain women, forcing them to get illegal abortions which can lead to not only health complications but even death as seen back in time when it wasn 't legal. Also it has been proven that: “Highly restrictive abortion laws are not associated with lower abortion rates.” (“The Impact of Illegal Abortion”). This indicates that even if abortions ar restricted or not, women will still get them, probably the illegal route. Women will resort to illegal abortions if they are restricted or made illegal. These illegal abortions result in consequences that could bring health risks and even…show more content…
This applies to their right to seek and get safe abortions. Currently many states across the United States pose restrictions upon abortion that makes it very difficult and virtually impossible for certain women to get them. Acknowledging the fact that all restrictions can’t be lifted, restrictions that hinder the rights of women and are irrational should be lifted. These restrictions include the gestational limits, public funding, coverage by insurance and refusal.
These restrictions should be lifted because it infringes the rights of women. The public funding and coverage by private insurance restrictions strain the ability to get an abortion for women of lower incomes, making it unattainable for some. It is evident that it is unfair. These restrictions are imposed so that women, such as low income women, don’t get access to abortions. They are not there to “protect the health and lives” of women as they claim to be, but they are there to consequently prevent women from getting
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