The Pros And Cons Of Abortion

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Abortion is a very controversial topic. There are two parties pro-life and pro-choice. The The two parties have had a long and brutal fight (Gale Student Resources in Context). The cause of this is, despite what people believe, abortion is neither wrong nor right. A women has the right to terminate her pregnancy under certain circumstances or keep it. Abortion can also affect any future pregnancies. No women wants to have their first child from someone who hurt and abused them mentally and physically. Women also get abortions to prevent the birth of a child with birth defects. A child with birth defects is very hard to take care of. It may also cause the parents to form a disunion. Women may also have an abortion if her mental or physical condition is danger. A women has the right to terminate her pregnancy under certain circumstances. Women who are mentally ready should have a child. Those are the type of people who should have children. Women everyday have children and do not get abortions. Women want to have a child with someone who they feel is also ready emotionally. You may hear many people talking about women who have an abortion. But, there also many women who keep their pregnancy. Abortions “may result in a higher risk of the placenta implant abnormally” (Gale Student Resources). “That doesn’t affect fertility, but it is an obstetrical complication of multiple pregnancies or abortions," says Thornton. Abortion is something that can affect you forever. It may
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