The Pros And Cons Of Absolute Monarchy

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Throughout European history, there are many examples of many different kinds of governments and rulers, though one of the most controversial forms of government was that of the absolute monarchy. In an absolute monarchy, only one ruler exists, and they hold absolute power over any and all forms of government. This form of government was also somewhat religiously-oriented, as some advocates of absolutism believed that God specifically selected and exercise His power through these leaders. Despite the belief that those who ruled under an absolute monarchy were chosen by God's will, some of said rulers went on to abuse and misuse their power, leading to various rebellions and instilling hatred for these leaders in the minds of the public. Between the two sides, however, those who believe that absolutism is a dangerous form of government due to the dangers associated with giving one person unlimited power have more evidence for their claim. Limitations are imposed on people for a reason; without these rules, there would be a lack of order and chaotic behavior would run rampant.…show more content…
This has led to the idea of absolutism being disputed throughout history, with some favoring this method of government, while others preferred constitutional monarchy. The passion people feel regarding absolute monarchies was strengthened beyond their function due to their religious significance. Due to the fact that monarchs were considered to be chosen by God, an absolute monarch's power was considered to be an extension of God's power. Despite this religious significance, absolute monarchies were more dangerous than they were helpful, as, despite the fact that they prevented opposing factions of the government from cancelling each other out, they also allowed one ruler to make unquestioned and unrestrained decisions regarding anything they
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