The Pros And Cons Of Abstinence-Only Sex Education Programs

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“Have sense or face the consequences.” This is the slogan that many Abstinence-only sexual education programs in the United States use to encourage teens to wait until marriage. Abstinence-only programs primarily discuss the positives of waiting while tending to leave out imperative information such as contraception use and what to do when people may have an STD. A research study performed in 2009 found that 46% of all high-school-aged students in the United States have already had sex. With the average high schooler losing their virginity at age 17 and the average marriage age of 27, teens and young adults are at risk for not only contracting STD’s but also unwanted pregnancy for 10 years. Abstinence-only sex education programs are ineffective…show more content…
The program encourages teens to remain abstinent by striking fear into their minds. Rape victims I told them nobody will want them because they have been used and that people only Mary new potation mark are told that nobody will want them because they have been used and those people only want to marry “new, unused” fiancés.
This education program doesn 't educate our youth on how to handle different situations pertaining to sex. They are not told how to handle an STD, they don 't know what to do if they get pregnant, and aren 't fully aware of what goes into this grown-up decision. When you tell a teenager not to do something, they 're probably going to do it anyways. With 48% of today 's teens having sex, the step should be made to inform teens how to handle unwanted pregnancies with contraception.
Comprehensive sex education, which teaches students about methods used to prevent pregnancy and STD 's, should be taught instead. Comprehensive special-education teaches teenagers about realistic methods to prevent pregnancies and STDs. The program teaches teens the responsibility of sex while also saying it 's OK to remain abstinent. The teens are treated as adults and are informed and supplied to make this very important
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