Why Women Stay In Abusive Relationships Essay

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When talking of abusive relationship, we are actually referring to a situation where one partner either in marriage or intimate friendship dominate the other in terms of power and control through methods such inflicting fear, intimidation, depriving of financial capability, isolation from other family members or community, threats or violence. Yes, men are known to abuse women. However, it can be either party though in this context, we are looking at situations where men abuse women. But then, one wonders why women remain in an abusive relationship. From an ordinary understanding, this question seems to be very easy with an immediate answer. But, it is not. There are a variety of reason why women opt to stay in abusive relations. These reasons…show more content…
Without this useful information and exposure, she ends up staying because she has no mechanism/knowledge or strategy of how she can bail herself out of the abusive relationship. This notwithstanding, how the woman grew and was brought up may also contribute to her stay in an abusive relationship. It could be that she grew up in a family where the abuse was even more worse which affected her psychological thinking and as she matured, she got used to it. When she is abused, it is not anything new but something normal. In circumstances like this where something abnormal is perceived to be normal, there is no wrong will ever to be seen. All that happens is normal and should happen, thus no abusive at all. So, you cannot expect somebody to decide on what she perceives to be okay on her part. Some women get so much attached to their partners. It so happens that, as the start of the relationship, the abuser was extremely caring who treated her like a queen. Being treated as a queen made the woman get so much attached to her partner to the level that she sees him as the only man in her life. At the time these man turns to be wild, it’s just like dreams to her and she does not count leaving the

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