The Pros And Cons Of Academic Writing

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The two texts, From Inquiry to Academic Writing by Greene and Lindsay (2012) and “What is ‘Academic’ Writing” by Irvin (2010), make upcoming college students aware of the challenges brought forth in academic writing. Both authors recognize that academic writing has certain misconceptions and skepticisms that make college students fear essays assigned by teachers. I have struggled with many of these misconceptions and barriers in my own academic writing. The skills that these papers provide can definitely help all people who find themselves intimidated by collegiate reading and writing.
College students will often stress too much about college writing. The Academic Writing composition course will help orient college student’s ability to write their freshman year. Upcoming freshman will often stress too much because they don’t understand the expectations of their teachers when asked to write an academic paper. Highschool may have allowed for these students to gain bad habits from writing. A common misconception that is taught by highschool teachers is that you should never use “I” in an academic paper. This belief allows for students to appear as if they are posturing and trying too hard to be formal. This prime example of a common misconception held by students can hinder what Professor L. Lennie Irvin calls the “academic writing situation.” The purpose of an academic essay is to communicate to your audience, but since the essay is written personally and is not developed in a

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