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As one is in combat in WWII, everything becomes frightening and one relies on their country to make a good decision for the people in service. Fighting for a cause is on one’s mind, but also survival. By the end of WWII, Japan was nearly defeated by the Allies and the Nazi’s still had Jews imprisoned in concentration camps. The United States was determined to stop Japan from expanding and along their fight, the United States the terrifying circumstances that the Jews were experiencing. The actions made in WWII by the United States were positive based on their preparation for war, the atomic bomb, and the defeat of the Nazi’s in Europe.
To begin with, United States actions during WWII were positive because of their preparation for war. Before
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Many innocent civilians in Hiroshima were killed by the atomic bomb. One boy in particular, named Yoshitaka Kawamoto, shared his story. He explained that there were dead bodies and if his classmates were not dead they “were trying to grab my ankles, they were asking me to take them along.” Also, Yoshitaka went to a river near his school, where he saw dead bodies floating there. Not knowing about the radiation, he drank the water, which is something very dangerous. Although the experiences that Yoshitaka and the other civilians experienced in Hiroshima were unpleasant and awful, the atomic bomb had its positive side, which was that it was the only way in which Japan was able to surrender. Japan showed a great fight and they would not surrender for their country. The United States also decided to drop the bomb because they did not want any more Americans to lose their lives in another combat. Lastly, the most important reason U.S. actions were positive is because of the defeat of the Nazi’s in Europe. The Nazi’s were treating Jews terribly. They would imprison them in concentration camps, that did not have adequate sanitation or fair regulations. When the United States and the Soviet Union were going to invade Germany, some of the concentration camps were found. This gave the Allies motivation to continue fighting in war. The Allies saw the innocent prisoners and how

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