Argumentative Essay: What´s Active Euthanasia Justified?

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As stated previously, there are two types of euthanasia which is used mostly by the whole world which is active euthanasia and passive euthanasia that. Active euthanasia is takes specific steps and end a person’s life by forces to kill a person with administration of drugs. However, passive euthanasia is withdrawal of life-sustaining medical treatment that is being withhold by the doctor. For example, disconnecting the feeding tube of the patients, switching off the life-support machines and using large doses of drug such as morphine on patient to control the pain that may cause fatal on respiratory systems. The ideas behind this moral distinction is that in passive euthanasia the doctors are not actively killing anyone but they are just not saving the patients. Most people think that euthanasia can be justifiable, when the patients are facing incurable disease, undergoing suffer, terminally ill and requests for euthanasia as their last wishes. For instance, Somerville (2010) argued that it is important to respect the people’s right of self-determination and autonomy. In other words, people should have the right to choose their time of dying but the state have prevented and stop them from doing it.…show more content…
It means that it is not right for the terminally ill people that are suffering to be alive. There is different way of saying about the moral distinction between passive euthanasia and active euthanasia. Most people think that it is acceptable to allow doctors to end their patient’s life by withholding the treatment but it is not accepted to kill a patient through an intended process (deliberate act). However, some doctors or medical specialist agree and accept that the doctors are free to provide death to any patients that they want without discussing the moral problem of them if they consciously killed the
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