The Pros And Cons Of Adolescence

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Adolescence is, unarguably, the most important time in a human’s life, it’s the transitional period between childhood and adulthood. According to WHO , Adolescence occur between the age of 12 and 14. During adolescence, teens undergo some major changes, physically and mentally, to further prepare them into becoming adults in the later stage of life. At adolescence, teenagers must pick where to go next after high school. Their first choice would be going to a university, where he/she would further learn new knowledge. Another option would be to settle down, find somewhere to live in, and ponder their next move afterwards. Or, they can choose to work and make a living out of themselves. Working is divided into two, full-time work and part-time work. Today, were going to discuss the latter So what exactly is a part-time job? What separates them from full-time jobs? Actually, there are few differences between both of them. The only thing that differs them is on their name: the duration. Full-time workers can spend up to 40 hours a week at their offices, while part-time workers only do a fraction of that; they spend 3-4 hours a day, sometimes 5, depending on the job itself.There are a lot of part-time jobs. Teenagers can work as a graphic designer, photographer, translator, vet, etc. In fact, a lot of teenagers chose working part-time after their graduation. For example, in jepang ,the young boys or girl does the kind of patr time job when they are…show more content…
One of them is, obviously, being a way to earn cash. Life as a graduate can be tough, and part-time jobs is one way to make a living out of yourself without constantly calling your parents for money. Also, it improves your money management. Since you get money all by yourself, you’ll understand just how precious it actually is. It is also trains you to be more independent, because you can earn your own money by doing the part time
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